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Miniature Carousel Builders Corner

Each month a different beautiful miniature carousel will be featured here. Building plans and assistance is available to members of the Miniature Carousel Builders. Persons interested in joining the MCB may contact President, Ken Adams, 736 S. Second Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201 or e-mail Ken at New members are ALWAYS welcome!

This month's beautiful carousel was constructed by Charles Eaton. Charles is one of the three founding members of the Miniature Carousel Builders, Inc, which was organized at "Stubby" Gober's home in St. Albans, West Virginia in July, 1986. Charles also designed and drew the club logo.

Charles is a retired school teacher and lives with his wife, of 40 years, Bonnie in Vienna, West Virginia. Bonnie doesn't help with the carving, construction, or painting, but encourages Charles with all of his work.
  • Carousel : 72" diameter, 39" tall
  • Eighteen sweep - 4 row machine
  • Animals - hand carved - hand painted
  • Animals - 64 menagerie - 48 jumpers - 16 standers
  • Hand carved brass ring machine
  • Style - park model - overhead cranks
  • Scale - 1 1/4" = 1'
  • Hand painted scenery - 720 colored lights
  • 2 hand carved chariots
  • Original design
  • Carousel completely disassembles to fit in boxes for moving
  • Assembly time from boxes - approx. 8 hours (when taken to shows)
  • Carousel no longer is taken to shows because of the time involved in moving it
This carousel is the fourth built by Charles and was finished after his retirement in 2010. It is currently on permanent display at Charles and Bonnie's home in Vienna. Charles is currently carving animals for a ½" = 1' scale, 3 row portable carousel. Charles may be contacted by email at

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