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Miniature Carousel Builders Corner

This beautiful example of Miniature Carousel art was constructed by Howard “Chic” Hutton, Pennsylvania. “Chic” is a charter member of the Miniature Carousel Builders and has served in positions of Vice-President, member of the Board of Directors and Historian. His wife, Dottie, attends the MCB events and has painted some of the ceramic animals.

“Chic” was motivated to build a carousel after attending an exhibit at the Pen Mar Park, MD. This is his first carousel built in 1992-93 dedicated in memory of his brother, Darrell. All the pictures mounted on the rounding board were photographed by Darrell at the Philadelphia Zoo.


  • Base : Square, 30”
  • Carousel: 27” Diameter, 18” Height
  • Twelve sweeps, three rows
  • Scale: 5/8” = 1 foot
  • Type: Pit – circa 1905
  • Lights: 240 clear


Charles I. D. Looff designed the PIT Type carousel to avoid infringement on patents for the overhead cranks which enabled the jumping movement of the animals. The PIT carousel had to be located inside a building. This design required a three-foot pit under the platform to house the track which determined the standard five jumps per revolution. PIT TYPE carousels are non-portable and are permanently installed. Although this miniature carousel was constructed with a tent type covering, the PIT TYPE park carousel top was usually open and covered by the roof of the building. This carousel features a menagerie of 32 ceramic animals, two circa 1913 resin and wood Herschell/Spillman chariots, and a ring machine. The rounding board features mirrors and the photos mounted in hand made wooded frames. The picture board and scenery panels are covered with mirrors and gems. Authentic carousel music is provided by a cassette player.

Mr. Hutton has exhibited his carousels at Chambersburg Mall, Knobels Park, Hershey Park, Kennywood Park, Biglerville Apple Museum, Waynesboro Historical Society, parades, many nursing homes in Franklin and Adams counties, PA; Valley Mall, MD; Dollywood Park, TN; and Endicott, NY;

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