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Miniature Carousel Builders Corner

Each month a different beautiful miniature carousel will be featured here. Building plans and assistance is available to members of the Miniature Carousel Builders. Persons interested in joining the MCB may contact President, Ken Adams, 736 S. Second Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201 or e-mail Ken at New members are ALWAYS welcome!

This month's beautiful carousel was built by Don Kegarise, Indiana, a new member of the Miniature Carousel Builders. Don is multi-talented - artist, wood carver and machinist - with a background which brings ingenious ideas to his construction. His wife, Kathy, is his 'cheerleader,' encouraging his endeavors and attending exhibits.

Don was inspired to build this first carousel in 2005 after visiting Riverside Park in Logansport with his granddaughters and watching them ride the merry-go-round. He later returned to take pictures and measurements of the circa 1902 Dentzel Carousel and has made his miniature as identical as possible.


  • Base: 40" Diameter, Footed Octagon
  • Carousel: 36" Diameter; 18" Height
  • Sixteen sweeps; three rows
  • Type: Stationery
  • Lights: 48 clear LED lights; 3 on each sweep
  • Design: Replica of circa 1902 (Logansport) Dentzel Carousel; 1/12 scale

Don hand carved and painted the 43 menagerie animals which include a tiger, lion, three reindeer, three goats, three giraffes, 32 horses and three chariots. The reindeer antlers are made from wire coat hangers and toothpicks. The horse tails are made from hair clipped from his four granddaughters, and his dog. The inside animals are slightly smaller than the outside animals because of the smaller circumference along the inner circle of the carousel. Every carousel has a lead animal and this one has a horse with eagle heads carved into the saddle.

The rounding board features hand carved ornaments. Don used his artistic sketching abilities to produce 3"x4" replicas of the local scenes on the picture board. A CD player provides carousel music.

Four timber wood braces support the mudsill which encloses the drive shaft. The full-sized Dentzel Carousel operates by gears but Don's replica runs on friction rollers. He constructed a wooden canopy which tops the carousel and houses the transformer. This addition is not a component of the full-sized carousel.

Don constructed a wooden octagon case with Plexiglass windows and a 12" pitched roof to encase and protect the carousel during exhibits. It's design allows the carousel to operate while encased. He and Kathy have exhibited at the Logansport Art Association, Winamac Kiwanis Club, pre-schools, and the Farm Toy Implement Show, Winamac, IN and he is scheduled for 10 upcoming exhibits. Don gives a short talk on carousels and how they relate to life experiences.

His second carousel, in the building stage, is an original design.

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