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Miniature Carousel Builders Corner

This month's unique handcrafted carousel was constructed by Richard Morrow of Pennsylvania. Dick had previously carved birds but had always wanted to make a carousel. He enjoyed them as a young boy and liked the carousel music. The following describes his first carousel completed in 2001 which required nine months of construction time.

Dick and his wife, Theresa, became members of Miniature Carousel Builders in 2001. Dick belongs to a Wood Carvers Club and in addition to the hand carved animals, the wooden frames around the mirrors are hand carved. Also, please note the hand carved birds in the background of one of the photos.


  • Base: 24" Hexagon (six-sided) Height: 9"
  • Carousel: Diameter 18", Height 21" (overall height: 30")
  • Six sweeps, two rows (six animals on outside row, 3 animals on inside row)
  • Lights: 75 clear
  • Type: Pit (Track) 4 "jumpers"

This carousel features a *menagerie of nine hand carved animals. Ornaments, beads and mirrors decorate the picture board and rounding board. The motor, cassette player which plays carousel music, and two speakers are mounted in the bottom base.

Dick has displayed his carousel at the Wood Carvers Club located at the Penn State Campus, Lima, PA.

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