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Miniature Carousel Builders Corner

This month's feature is about a most unusual and interesting miniature carousel built by Charles "Stubby" Gober of West Virginia. Mr. Gober, is the No. 1 charter member of the Miniature Carousel Builders, and is one of the three founding members who held their first meeting in his home in 1986. "Stubby" is a wood-carver, and the construction of his carousel was part of his "dream" to keep the 'vision of days gone by' and preserve carousel memories.


This carousel was built in two years in the early 1980's. Charlie says his wife, Katherine, is his "gopher-helper."


  • Base: 43" Diameter; 18 " Height
  • Carousel: 36" Diameter; 27 " Height
  • Twelve sweeps, two rows
  • Type: Overhead Crank
  • Lights: 56 clear
  • Original Design

Carousel is displayed inside of a C-Cab 1931 Model A Ford Truck restored by "Stubby." The carousel truck, with red circus decorations and "Stubby's Miniature Carnival" painted on the side, has two doors with oval windows that open, allowing access to the carousel. Although it is powered by electricity, Mr. Gober built a replica of a steam engine on the back to make it look like an authentic 19th century steam powered carousel.


The carousel features 24 hand-carved wooden horses, two swan chariots, a red ticket booth, and a replica of a Wurlitzer organ. Taped authentic carousel music was recorded from original carousel organs. The carousel people, three girls and one boy, represent the Gober's four grandchildren, Tara, Heather, Jamie and Brian.

"Stubby" has displayed his carousel in the public library, Malls, clubs, Fairs and at community functions. The carousel truck is housed and displayed in his authentic 1930's filling station decorated and stocked with 1930's memorabilia. The building is called "Grandpa's Old Filling Station Museum" located beside his home in St. Albans, West Virginia.

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