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For many years steam carousels have been the center, the heart of the Dutch fairs. With beautiful facades and enchanting interiors steam carousels were not only loved by children, but also by adolescents, looking for maybe their future partner in a very playful way, like throwing streamers and confetti at each other. Accompanied by the penetrating sounds of hissing steam and cheerful music from the fairground organ, one could also enjoy drinks of all kinds, served at the beautifully carved buffet.

The heydays of the steam carousels lie between 1890 and the start of the 2nd World War. After the war, it was difficult to restart the operation, while it was clear to all that these magnificent attractions were past their prime.

The author of this book, Hennie van Oers from the town of Waalwijk, was practically born on the fair. Long before his birth (1953) his grandfather and father built various miniature attractions that were even shown on national television. Hennie helped building the miniature steam carousels and became more and more fascinated by this beautiful attractions. He immersed himself in the subject, starting to collect information and photographs. Having a vast knowledge and documentation, he was encouraged by friends and acquaintances to write this book. It took him six years to finish it, and with an impressive result. Because of his vast knowledge and his extraordinary large documentation, Hennie is probably the only person in the Netherlands who could have written such a book.

In his chronicles he takes us on a tour from the rise to the demise of the steam carousel, the use of steam engines, the city of Roermond hosting the largest fair in the Netherlands, he introduces us to the designers, builders, sculptors, painters and especially to the operators of fairs themselves and their stories about the fair dynasties in their ups and downs. The book is a valuable document, recording the memories of the romantic steam carousel era while preserving them for posterity. Hardback, A4 size, full color printing, about 270 pages, containing over 850 authentic photographs and documents, primarily in black and white of course. It is in the Dutch language and costs 29.95 euros plus shipping. The book can be ordered through

The publisher, Stichting Kermis-Cultuur (Fairground Culture Foundation), wishes you an enjoyable reading and viewing experience.

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