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Story of Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousels

Monroe, CT - PTC Carousels: The History of Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousels by photographer/historian Richard A Gardner is already turning heads in the carousel world. Containing more than 320 b&w and color photos, many of them full-page images, Gardner's new book, published by The Connecticut Press, is the first comprehensive history of this legendary company's hand-carved carousels produced by some of the true masters of the art.

Carousel historians are hailing PTC Carousels as the best history and best collection of photographs they have seen on the Philadelphia Toboggan Company's carousel business. The company initially manufactured carousels and roller coasters from 1904 until 1934 and produced or retrofitted some 93 carousels, including the beautifully restored Jane's Carousel (PTC #61) in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY restored and the famed PTC #62 in Santa Monica, CA.

A Massachusetts native who now resides in San Jose, CA, Gardner's interest in carousels grew from his father-in-law's one-time ownership of PTC #44, when it ran at the old Riverside Park in Agawam, MA.. Gardner has spent the last several years researching and photographing PTC carousels around North America. He has also written extensively about The Philadelphia Toboggan Company and its artisans.

"In putting together this terrific book… Richard Gardner has created a look into the history of one of the great carousel manufacturers," says nationally acclaimed carousel historian and author Tobin Fraley, adding that the book plays a "critical role to our understanding of the carousel and the wonders of the era's rich cultural heritage." Destined to become a classic on one of the most magnificent carousel companies of all time, PTC Carousels will bring joy to the whole family for years to come.

PTC Carousels: The History of Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousels (ISBN 978-0-9825468-5-7) by Richard A. Gardner is a 192-page hard cover library edition with dust jacket published by The Connecticut Press and retailing for $39.95. The book is available through the publisher's as well as Amazon. com.

Contact: Peter J. Malia
135 Church Street,
Monroe, CT 06468

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