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Get to know our newest Franchise Owners, Megan & Lance Overson and hear WHY they chose to live their dream!

Megan & Lance Overson are the newest Franchise Owners to join the Carousel’s family! As the largest city in Nebraska with nearly 1 million people in the metro area alone, and a hot- humid continental summer climate – this location is prime for a business like Carousel’s. Additionally, sports have always been a big part of the Omaha culture. With three minor league teams, countless college programs and a youth sports market that is thriving, Carousel’s has the opportunity to serve its innovative product to this passionate market. We sat down with Megan and Lance Overson to hear their entrepreneurial story!


Q: Megan, what made you decide to join the Carousel’s Franchise Program?

A: Two years ago, my son and I tried this product for the first time. From that point on I just wanted to sell a product just like this. I couldn’t get it out of my head. Everyone loves it; they have to because it’s so good. The quality of the product literally removed all the fear of starting my own business and made me feel confident in giving this a go. I reached out to Corey and he quickly called me back. From the first call, it just felt right. 


Q: Was there an exact time when you knew you were going to make this happen? 

A: Yes, Lance and I pulled over to the side of a road on our mini-moon vacation in Northern Minnesota right along the shores of Lake Superior. We struggled with cell service, but our priority was that call. It might have been our second or third call with Corey, but we were both so excited about the opportunity and Lance was sold. I personally couldn’t get the product out of my head, thus our journey began! 


Q: It’s a tricky economy right now, especially given Covid. Any hesitancy? 

A: There is always a little risk, but I’m confident in the product, team and brand that has already been created;I think it’s perfect. When you know, you know, and we knew right away this was an investment worth making for us. 


Q: What does Carousel’s provide to its customer beyond a delicious and unique product? 

A: It brings on a feeling that you are going to help someone create a memory.  When we see a customer taste it for the first time, the smile that comes to their face is worth more to us than anything else. If we can make a living, give back to our community and have happy customers, we feel that we are winning!


Q: So, what is your favorite flavor? 

A: Lemon Cherry, for sure. Lance loves Mango, but truthfully you can’t go wrong! 


Q: What happens next? When will you be coming live to us from Omaha? 

A: We’ve ironed out all the paperwork and have our truck in production. We expect it by February and plan to start attending events by mid March. We’ve already reached out  and set up some great working relationships within the market. There seems to be a lot of interest, because we bring something unique to the community.


If you are interested in bringing Carousel’s to your upcoming Omaha event, click here and let’s talk!