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Get to know our newest Franchise Owners, Mike Micochero and Brandon Worley, and WHY they chose to live their dream!

As the proud new owners of a Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery food truck, recent franchisees Mike Micochero and Brandon Worley now have the huge business advantage of a minimal-risk, high-return storefront-on-wheels. Mike and Brandon’s truck is a low upfront cash investment in their very own personalized asset—meaning rather than renovating someone else’s investment, such as real estate, they are building their own asset, a commodity without past wear-and-tear, that provides a rare ROI within the first year. Both say they immediately recognized the unique value of this business model and that creative financing options were a big part of their decision to join the Carousel’s family.


Having a storefront-on-wheels also instantly multiplies profit potential. While brick-and-mortar retail depends on one neighborhood’s economic vitality to draw foot traffic, Mike and Brandon are free to use their storefront-on-wheels to serve the entire populations of both Sarasota and Manatee County, FL; a total customer base of close to 1 million people! And with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ spring training and Marauders minor league stadiums, an IMG Sports complex, a Premier Soccer arena and hundreds of recreational youth sports teams in these areas, they’ve got themselves a championship demand for an Icery! Sports and entertainment locales like these are inbuilt Carousel’s business zones, so there’s no hit-or-miss when seeking areas to serve.


For Mike and Brandon however, it wasn’t just access to the right climate and crowds, but also the character of our organization that drew them in. Carousel’s franchisees’ most popular commerce lanes always include relationships with local schools, businesses and churches, groups who make perfect partners for the Carousel’s Cares philanthropy programs. As a brand, we are dedicated to engaging the fabric of every community, while serving up fun, family and refreshment with every swirl of our family secret recipe, and working with groups like these can benefit everyone involved.


While launching a new venture on the heels of a pandemic can be stressful for first-time and experienced business owners alike, Mike and Brandon say that knowing they could offer a time-proven treat, with all-ages and multiple-diets appeal, one that also checks all the best boxes—tasty, healthy and fun—helped ease any worries. “Carousel’s offers such an original and incredible product. And it’s so great to be able to offer dairy-free flavors that the public loves the taste of.” Super creamy, yet dairy-free, with less fat than rich, milk-based soft serves—to borrow an old adage, it’s safe to say the proof is in the Soft-Serve Ice!


Having enjoyed a similar concept for much of his life, and held ownership in it as well, it was no easy decision for Mike to start this new chapter. But when reaching out for Carousel’s franchise details, he says there was a welcoming and personalized vibe from day one. “When we first inquired about a truck, I was wondering how I could try and explain our past business experience. But before I could do that, the Carousel’s corporation actually took the time to learn what my previous company was all about. Then as we moved forward, they provided a well-detailed business plan they had already laid out. It was a tough decision to give up ownership in the ice company I enjoyed for over 30 years, but joining the Carousel’s family was definitely worth the leap I took.”


Though our trademark taste is usually enough to earn us a Carousel’s convert, we often hear from owners and customers that their favorite Carousel’s moments involve the general enjoyment of life that surrounds one of our trucks. As do many of our franchise partners, Mike and Brandon felt a draw to serve their community by fostering such an environment. “We have been involved with our community for 36 years so it’s very exciting to bring such innovative dessert options to our friends and neighbors, especially while representing such a great brand. ​​Also, to be serving up treats with other faith-based families throughout the Carousel’s ownership and franchisee groups, it just makes this all the more special. We look forward to all working together to build our futures and help enrich the Carousel’s legacy.”

If you are interested in bringing Carousel’s to your upcoming Tampa or Manasota event, click here, and let’s talk!