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Carousel’s Roll’s Into Sarasota!

As a proud new owner of a Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery food truck in Sarasota, Florida, Dylan Curyto enjoys a significant business advantage with a minimal-risk, high-return storefront-on-wheels. This truck represents a low upfront cash investment, providing Dylan with his personalized asset instead of renovating someone else’s investment, like real estate. With a proven track record of delivering great ROI, Dylan’s venture is off to a promising start.

The mobility of a storefront-on-wheels amplifies its profit potential. Unlike brick-and-mortar retail, which relies on neighborhood foot traffic, Dylan can attract customers anywhere in the region, any day of the week. From schools to businesses, hospitals to churches, and events of all sizes, the possibilities for sales locations are endless. Fundraisers, employee appreciation events, and year-round gatherings offer additional revenue streams, providing a built-in customer base—a rare advantage for new entrepreneurs.

In the bustling Sarasota, Florida, with its diverse population and dynamic cultural landscape, Dylan Curyto’s Carousel’s finds ample opportunities to thrive. With a population packed with a variety of tastes and preferences, including locals and tourists alike, Sarasota presents an ideal market for Dylan’s mobile storefront. From serving refreshments at beachside events to delighting visitors at popular tourist attractions, Carousel’s is poised to become a beloved fixture in Sarasota’s culinary scene, catering to the appetites of over 135,000 in total population and countless visitors who come to the city’s vibrant events and attractions year-round.

Beyond easy access to crowds, Dylan was drawn to the Carousel’s brand character and community engagement. The Carousel’s Cares philanthropy program, championed by Founder & CEO Corey Curyto, aligns with Dylan’s values of giving back and connecting families. This shared mission goes beyond profit, focusing on building strong communities through generosity and compassion. Dylan shared his excitement about his investment in this franchise, expressing, “I am very excited about my investment into this franchise. The product this company offers is very nostalgic for me, and I’m excited to give people the same experiences I’ve had growing up.”

Launching a new business can be daunting, but Dylan received ongoing support and guidance from the Carousel’s team. From initial setup to day-to-day operations, Dylan felt welcomed and supported every step of the way. The proven success of Carousel’s signature desserts, combined with the brand’s caring atmosphere, eased any concerns about entering a new venture.

For Dylan, joining the Carousel’s family isn’t just about making sales—it’s about embracing a full-circle vision of community and joy. By sharing values of family, generosity, and love, Dylan feels not only like a partner but also part of a larger business family. With Carousel’s, it’s not just about selling ice —it’s about spreading happiness and building connections in Sarasota and beyond.