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Carousel’s Featured On The Disney Food Blog

How do you top the happiest place on earth? Just add a little soft serve ice.

These days you won’t just find your favorite Carousel’s soft serve driving around the city in one of our food trucks, you’ll also get to experience the joy of soft-serve ice at the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World!

Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery has recently partnered with Walt Disney World to make our delicious products available, so be on the lookout for our beautifully designed mobile units around the parks!

As lifelong Disney park and movie fanatics, we at Carousel’s are beyond honored to announce our partnership and to be featured on The Disney Food Blog with Disney World’s food truck program, a magical opportunity for us to share our secret recipe, smooth-swirled ice with families and friends from all over the world.  For Disney, a company that creates world-class customer experience, to be impressed with our product, attention to detail and the experience that we’ve created is humbling and exciting to our team. 

So why Carousel’s Icery? Instead of typical ice cream or Italian ice, Carousel’s Soft-Serve Icery swirls up a family-secret recipe of fruity, frozen ice with a creamy texture and a condensed tidal wave of flavor, without the dairy, fat, and calories of other frozen treats.

We can’t wait for you to try some of our most popular flavors, all made fresh daily, including mango, cotton candy, blue raspberry, and cherry. Can’t decide? Mix in some ice cream with our Gelati products and get the best of both worlds!! We have something for everyone.

But, the real magic in Carousel’s is the people – the ones who work with us and in the community around us. We blend it all together. Happiness. Charity. Honesty. Togetherness. Love. And the result is so yummy, you’re sure to come back around. And around. And around.

We are grateful for our newest partnership and the opportunity to continue sharing something that is so special to us with more people than ever! 

For the location of the nearest Carousel’s truck in your area, click here. To learn about becoming a member of the Carousel’s family as a franchise owner, please click here.

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